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Season Fees and Uniform kit

Our Commitment

  • We're not in it for the money. Kids  come first.
  • You will never travel unnecessarily
  • Your costs will always be held to the absolute minimum necessary to provide a world class soccer experience


Registration    $100
Season fees
School of soccer:
DEBUTANTS (U8 to U6) $400
POUSSINS (U10/U9) $600
BENJAMINS (U12/U11) $800
U15/U14/U13  $800

  • We offer payment plans on our registration platform
  • Everyone plays. We will not refuse anyone who is unable to pay. Financial assistance is available. Fill out our application below and email it to president@

(U means "under" so if your child is 10 you are playing U11 or 11U)

The Registration "Season Fees and Uniform kit" is not currently available.


Kit  $110 ($130 recommended)

Required items for each individual player:
- Sky blue jersey (Home game and training)
- Yellow jersey (Away)
- Black shorts (Universal,  2 recommended)
- Sky blue socks (Home and training, 2 recommended)
- Yellow socks (Away)

Goalkeepers items:
- Goalkeeper yellow Home jersey  (orange away jersey recommended)
- Yellow shorts (personal padded under shorts recommended)
- Yellow socks
Goalkeeper kit  $90 ($150 recommended)

IMPORTANT! Please ask your team manager or coaches for the number display on the jerseys. The name should  be all caps (FIRST NAME) ex: SAMUEL
Number is to appear on the back of the jerseys AND front of the shorts

Buy your uniform kit here

Not Travelling Saves Your Family Big Money

How much does it cost you to travel with other clubs? $3,618 per year. Here's how that breaks down:

  • 4 tournaments a season means 8 per year (many do much more) breaks down to a cost share per family of $250/season or $500/year.
  • Hotel stays are 2 nights/tournament at $120/night which equals 16 nights at a cost of $1,920.
  • Food. Assume a  family of 4 travelling for 2 days at 3 meals a day equals 24 meals. At $8.75 a meal that's $210 per tournament or $840/season and $1,680/year. Subtract typical grocery costs of $482 for this same time period and you're left with $1,198.
  • Gas is estimated at $482 with an average gas expense of $60.25/tournament as travel can be as far as Tampa and Orlando.
Season kit required

Season kit required