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Practice schedule

School of soccer practice schedule:
U13-U12 Benjamins
Monday/Wednesday 5:15 to 6:45 @Destin Middle School
U11-U10 Poussins and U9 Debutants
Tuesday/Thursday 5:15 to 6:45 @Morgans Sport Complex


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About Destin F.C.

DESTIN FC was created in 2019 in the dynamic city of DESTIN, FL devoted to expanding soccer culture in the area and developing young athletes for competition.

We believe that a city-based program modeled after proven European community clubs, with an emphasis on fun and technical development, provides a path for young athletes to reach their full potential as soccer players.

Without a doubt, the early years of development are the most important in the life of a soccer player. Valuable growth during this critical time requires coaches who are both passionate and technically competent. All of our coaches are trained under the Destin FC director, Guillaume Joyeux, and share a curriculum that encourages a love for the sport and provides a comprehensive guide for the technical development of each player and the team as a whole. 

Destin FC strives to lay the groundwork for players to enjoy a lifelong love of the sport and reach the highest levels of competition as children, teenagers, and adults.